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What we do?

CodeEast is a digitilisation software company specialising in servicing Insurance companies and Managed General Agents with ONEview a Digitilisation Insurance Sales Platform

What are the elements of the ONEview Digital Insurance Sales Platform?

Our Digital Insurance Sales Platform has two elements:

  • Digital Insurance Ecosystems for customers and agents
  • A Services Core which enables the insurance company and MGA to create, manage, monitor, and communicate with the ecosystem

What is a
Digital Insurance Ecosystem?
CodeEast Digital Insurance

A Digital Insurance Sales Environment enables a customer to:

  • Buy insurance products
  • Renew Policies
  • Make a Claim
  • Carry out a Mid Term Adjustment
  • Review Policy Cover
  • And more...

Our ONEview ecosystem has 4 characteristics:

1. Self-service: 

Our ecosystem is a self-service environment

  • It enables a customer to access their insurance products anywhere, anytime using any device
  • When the user is an agent they can access their customer portfolio and transact business on-the-go using their iPad

customer using mobile
It's all about you'

2. Personalized: 

Our ONEview ecosystem is totally personalized and automatically updates as the agent and customer buy products and interact with the insurer or MGA.

3. Product/Service Mix: 

Our ecosystem provides the agent or customer with real-time access to their product/services mix

When new products are purchased our ecosystem product library and all associated services are updated immediately

Digital Ecosystem
Omni Channel

4. Omni-Channel Experience: 

Our Digital Insurance Sales Ecosystem provides an omni-channel experience to agents and customers. This means that the customer experience is the same no matter which sales channel they use

  • They can start with their mobile app
  • Move to their iPad
  • Make a call to the call center
  • Purchase using webchat

This is possible because they are operating within the same ecosystem

What is a Service Core?

Our Digital Insurance Sales Platform's Services Core enables the insurance company or the MGA create and manage the customers and agents' Digital Insurance Ecosystem

Core with cube and mobile
Ecosystem Layout

The layout of the ecosystem can be whatever the insurance company or MGA wish it to be, designed to meet their specific look and feel and, where necessary, white-labeled for different sales channels

Multiple Products

New products added to the ONEview Digital Insurance Platform are immediately available to the customers' ecosystem including their mobile app.

Ecosystem Mobile App

Mobile Technology is an essential component of a Digital Insurance Ecosystem.
ONEview's mobile app provides a host of features:

codeeast mobile

Details on all Policies - including P&C (Car, house, travel, gadget, pet, holiday home etc.) / Commercial (Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Office Cyber risk, vacant property etc.) and Life insurance


Quotes can be obtained for all products - including P&C, Commercial and Life and previous quotes can be accessed and the products purchased


Renewal notices are received for all products and the payments can be made using the app


All payments for new policies, renewals and mid-term-adjustments can be made through the app


Self-service mid-term-adjustments (MTAs) can be performed for all products


Wizards lead the customer through the steps involved in gathering the details required for a first notification of a claim. The app also enables the status of existing claims to be checked


All policy related documents are available for review by the customer


Mutiple services can be added to the ecosystem for each product - adding real value to the customer experience


A loyal customer scheme system provides incentives for your customer to continuously use their app


Personalised, relevant communication can be received and reviewed in the app