AIG Europe

WHY ONEview?

AIG deployed ONEview because it increases sales, reduces customer acquisition and IT Operation costs

3 times increase in sales

The AIG Journey

With ONEview

AIG identified that to grow commercially in the digital age, there was the requirement to:

  • Deliver a web direct business that could complement brokers, and perform Big Data
  • Move from small products on separate websites, using different technologies and different support teams
  • Make your Sales channels accessible to a digital customer anytime, any place, any device

25 percent reduction in
Customer Acquisition

The AIG Implementation

What they wanted

AIG focused on developing a strong online sales capability. This meant a system that allowed them to:

  • Know the customer
  • Provide a ‘Single version of the truth’ for every customer across all products and all channels and devices
  • Deliver ‘Products/Services’ mix which could be specifically created to suit each individual customer’s need

30 percent reduction in
Operational Costs

AIG and the ONEview Achievement

Leveraging a Digital Sales Platform

  • ONEview as a single, secure, scalable digital sales platform enables rapid development and rollout of new products across multiple digital channels and device types
  • Integrates with any external system, can be extended easily using a developer API
  • Provides analytics and data services to all business users as well as to Big Data repositories
  • Compatible with all web and mobile device technologies

50 percent reduction in support charges

AIG and the ONEview Execution

Monetizing from a Digital Sales Platform

  • Manages multiple products in a single fully-digital environment and which allows AIG to place the Digital Native customer at the heart of its online sales strategy
  • Delivers extremely short and cost-effective delivery time frames for its own online direct-to-consumer product offerings
  • Offers partners white-label offerings and partner co-branding offerings

8 times faster development times on new developments

AIG and the result

The Bottom line

After deploying ONEview, AIG achieved a threefold increase in business whilst reducing customer acquisition costs by 25%, reducing the operational costs by 30%, reducing IT development and support charges by 50% and it has achieved up to 8 times faster development times on new developments.